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He Graduated in Architecture at the Florence University, where, in 1970, he begins to work as assistant teacher at the Department of Interior Design, led by Professor Leonardo Savioli.
He also partecipated to important national concourses, and he won, among others, the design competition for the Lamezia Terme Airport and the ANIACAP / IN-ARCH contest for Residential Buindings.
In the same years he collaborated with several furniture and furnishing accessories design companies: Abet Laminati,  Bontempi, Busnelli G.I., Casprini, Giovannetti, Origlia, Segis, Steel Line, Toncelli, Tre D and Zani.
In Industrial Design his research is focused on two essential point: the Movement – to improve the usability of the  furniture items –; the Research for New Materials involved in molding technology both in plastic, aluminum and wood.
He was also involved in photography, painting and graphics obtaining several awards and publications in trade magazines.


  • 1975 Andreoni House in Pomarance (Pisa)
  • 1983 Toncelli House in Peccioli (Pisa)
  • 1983-92 Kitchen Kaleidos for Toncelli
  • 1997 Sofa Boboli for Busnelli
  • 1999 Table Clip-Clap for Segis
  • 2000 Sofa Airone for Busnelli
  • 2005 Chair Yes for Bontempi
  • 2005 Seating System Bonita for Origlia
  • 2006 Stool King for Casprini
  • 2007 Chair Venus for Origlia
  • 2008 Armchair Bolle for Giovannetti


  • 1980 Cover Magazine ARREDARE ITALIA: Kitchen Acero by Toncelli
  • 1984 Cover Design Review INTERNI: Kitchen Kaleidos by Toncelli
  • 1984 Cover Magazine ARTIGIANATO: Furnishing System for Residential Space of Relationship Design Contest
  • 1992 Cover Magazine CASAIDEA: Sofa Settecento by Giovannetti
  • 1992 Design Review INTERNI: Interview
  • 1999 Book DESIGN IN ITALIA: several objects
  • 2001 Design Review MD: Sofa Biplano by Busnelli
  • 2002 Design Review MD: Sofa Airone by Busnelli
  • 2002 Book LETTI by D. Vicario: Bed Lungarno by Busnelli
  • 2002 Cover Design Review BOX: Sofa Airone by Busnelli
  • 2003 Book Repertorio del DESIGN ITALIANO 1950 – 2000
  • 2006 Exhibition PIEMONTE TORINO DESIGN: Chairs Bonita by Origlia
  • 2008 Design Review INTERNI: Armchair Bolle by Giovannetti


  • 1967 Winner of the Entrance Furniture Solution Design Contest in Florence
  • 1970 Winner of the National Design Competition for the Lamezia Terme Airport
  • 1973 Winner of the National ANIACAP-IN ARCH Design Competition for Residential Building Typologies
  • 1980 Architecture Project Maquette exposed at The Venice Biennial
  • 1981 Construction and Furniture Oscar in Florence
  • 1983 Challenge for a Rational Furniture Proposal promoted by Tuscany Region
  • 1984 Mentioned at the Furnishing System for Residential Space of Relationship Design Contest in Florence
  • 1985/98 Several products selected and exposed at the «Premio Design Italiano» in Rome
  • 2003 Maquette of the Lamezia Terme Airport at the show «La Grande Svolta Anni 60» at the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua
  • 2006 Chair Bonita by Origlia exposed at the permanent exhibition «Piemonte Torino Design»
  • 2006 Promosedia «Top Ten» Award in Udine for the chair Venus by Origlia